Ayurveda Procedures

We make available an array of Ayurvedic Procedures for you and you’re Family at very reasonable prices from Rs. 200 – Rs. 2500 as per the procedure. These procedure help slow down wear and tear of body tissues, ensures vigour and vitality and it promotes sound sleep and improves memory.


Warm medicated oil is poured over the body in continues stream. Highly beneficial in rheumatic complaints, rejuvenates and increases muscle tone.


Njavara rice is cooked in milk and decoction and tied in cotton cloth. It is applied over the body. Very effective in rheumatic complaints and muscle wasting.

Elakizhi – Pathra podala swedam

Leaves of medicinal plants along with powdered herbs are fried in medicated oil. They are tied in cotton cloths in the shape of bundles. These are applied over the body. Useful in arthritis, relieves muscular pain & increases muscle tone.


Butter milk mixed with decoction is made to flow over the forehead. Effective in insomnia, hypertension, migraine and stress related ailments.

Dhanyamla dhara

Specially prepared decoction is poured over the body. A Kerala specialty very effective in painful joints, paralysis obesity & many other rheumatic complaints


Medicated oil is poured over the head by special appliances. Effective in neurological complaints, migraine and sleeplessness.


Application of medicated oil or other medicines through the nasal cavity. Cures head ache, sinusitis, improves eye sight.


Retaining warm medicated oil over the lumbar regions. Cures back pain, spondalitis and diseases involving inter vertebral discs.


Medicated oil or decoctions are made to flow over the forehead. Head ache sleeplessness and neurological complaints are cured.

Athletic Massage

Kerala Specialty massage associated with martial arts. It improves circulation and tones up muscles

Udvarthanam /Scrub Massage

Special type of massage removes fat from the body, slims the person and improves blood circulation.

Abhyangam / rejuvenative massage

General Body massages using medicated oil. Relaxes mind and body, relieves body pain, improves complexion and induces sound sleep.

Head Massage

Improves Circulation over the head and stimulates nerves head.

Face massage

Removes pimples and wrinkles.


Procedure of placing cottons, soaked with medicated oil over the head. It cures insomnia hair fall and migraine.


Therapeutic Emesis procedure, included in Panchakarma . Helps in the extraction of vitiated doshas especially vitiated Kapha from body. Vamana enhances digestion and metabolism. Indicated in upper respiratory tract infections, Gastro intestinal disorders, skin complaints etc.


One among Panchakarma procedures. It includes purgation which helps in expelling vitiated Pitta out of body. Helps to root out metabolic disorders, skin disorders, constipation, hyperacidity, constipation etc


Vasthi is giving medicated enema inorder to control and pacify vitiated Vata dosha. Mainly two types of vasthi are there. Anuvasana vasthi which is oil enema and Asthapana vasthi , that is decoction enema.Vasthi corrects musculoskeletal disorders , arthritis etc.