Why is Kerala God’s Own Country?

Why is Kerala God’s Own Country?

Think of Kerala, think of spices! India is world’s leading country in producing spice with Kerala being the primary producing state. Ginger, cardamom, chilly, cassia, clove, kokum, cinnamon, nutmeg – you name it, you get it! But, Kerala is not only about spices. On one hand you get to see the serene and calm backwaters in Poovar and on the other hand there is the mystic Munnar hill. The state also has one of India’s best beaches, the Kovalam beach. The crescent-shaped Kovalam Beach is divided into three parts.

The southern-most beach, Lighthouse Beach, is by far the most popular one. The middle beach, adjacent to it, is called the Hawa Beach, whiles the northern-most beach, Samudra, is the most laidback and secluded.

Not only can the beach lovers, animal lovers too go to Kerala! You will find one of the finest of forest reserves in India at Thekkady. Set high in the ranges of Western Ghats of Kerala is the Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve. The park is often referred to as Thekkady. The sanctuary houses many species of wild animals and birds, the most famous being the wild Asian elephants. They make a fantastic sight when you spot them in the wild, roaming around in large herds. Photograph these magnificent pachyderms at close quarters in their natural habitat.

Incidentally, Traveler, a magazine published by National Geographic, has listed Kerala among the 10 must see destinations of the world.


geographyWith the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western Ghats towering 500-2700 m in the east and networked by forty-four rivers, Kerala enjoys diverse geographical features. Kerala is divided into three geographical regions: Highlands, which slope down from the Western Ghats onto the Midlands of undulating hills and valleys into an unbroken coastline with many picturesque backwaters, interconnected with canals and rivers.


seasonsBestowed with a pleasant and equable climate throughout the year, Kerala is a tropical land with the coast running down its entire length and the Western Ghats forming a protective barrier against the dry winds from up north. The monsoons (June-September & October-November) and summer (February-May) are the seasons markedly experienced here, while winter is only a slight drop in temperature from the normal range of 28-32°C.

People and Life

peopleKerala is one of India’s most progressive states in terms of social welfare and quality of life. The State boasts of one of India’s highest literacy rates, highest life expectancy and lowest child mortality rates. The literacy rate for women is one of the highest in all of Asia. Enjoying a unique cosmopolitan viewpoint, the people of Kerala, at all levels of society, have greater access to services and opportunities – as well as a greater say in their governance.